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How do I make an online donation

To make an online donation

• Go to the front page on our website:

• Left hand side of page-brown area, scroll down to                                      
                   “click here for online giving”

• This will take you to a green page for online giving
• Create a profile account, or log into your account

  • you will need to make a username and password

• 2nd page: Donation Information page
• **Fill out the information
• Decide how you want to make the donation.   
                  (Credit/Debit Card, Checking or Saving)
• You will see an area which is OPTIONAL, this is where you can add a person’s name whom you want the donation made in memory too.
• If it doesn’t apply, do not fill out

• You may save your profile by selecting a password
• Click on “I’m not a robot”
• Click process.
• You can print off a receipt if you wish.
• Log off when finished

Any questions please call the parish office at 765-742-7031