Week 3-Divine Mercy in the Second Greatest Story Ever Told
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Pray for Priests! April 2018

April 2018

Dear Jesus Christ, who suffered, died and rose for our salvation, we give you thanks and ask You to have mercy on our priests, deacons and seminarians, especially _____ and _____.   May they know an abundance of Your love, peace and joy as they bring us the graces of the Easter season. 

"The priest is a gift from the Heart of Christ: a gift for the Church and for the world."  Pope Emieritus Benedict XVI"  

 Fr.Dan Gartland 4-01  Liam Thompson
 Fr. Philip Glibert 4-02  Andrew Thornton
 Fr. James Goodrum 4-03  Jeffery Todd, Jr
 Fr. Dennis Goth 4-04  Elliot Zak
 Fr. Joseph Grace 4-05  Stan Zak, p
 Fr. Paul Graf 4-06  Sean Aaron
 Dcn Mike Gray 4-07  Will Beardmore
 Fr. Donald Gross 4-08  Michael Block

 Fr. Thomas Haan

4-09  Chris Bock, p
 Fr. Kevin Haines 4-10  Ed Boes, p
 Fr. Phil Haslinger 4-11  Jordan Boone
 Fr. David Hasser 4-12

 Dcn. Christian DeCarlo

 Fr. David Hellman

4-13  Dcn James DeOreo
 Fr. Bill Holbrook 4-14  Jason Diebolt
 Fr. Keith Hosey 4-15  Brian Farrell
 Fr. David Hoying 4-16  Matthew Jakupco
 Fr. Paul Hudson 4-17  Thomas Kappes
 Fr. David Huemmer 4-18  Andrew Morand
 Fr. Kevin Hurley 4-19  Tim Perry, p
 Fr. Josh Janko 4-20  Joe Poremski, p
 Dcn John Jezierski 4-21  Steve Seitz, p
 Fr. Samuel Kalu 4-22  James Shaw
 Fr. Mike Kettron 4-23  Chuck Springer, p
 Fr. John Kiefer 4-24  Will Summerlin
 Fr. Leroy Kinnaman 4-25  Liam Thompson
 Ch.Lt.Col John Kinney 4-26  Andrew Thornton
 Fr. Jeff Kirch 4-27  Jeffery Todd, Jr
 Fr. Bob Klemme 4-28  Elliot Zak
 Fr. Leonard Kostka 4-29  Stan Zak, p
 Fr. Tim Kroeger 4-30  Sean Aaron


p= studying for permanent diaconate