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Pray for Priests! June 2018

June 2018

O Jesus, Eternal Priest, keep all our priest within the shelter of Your Sacred Heart, especially our new priests, Father Christian DeCarlo and Father James DeOreo.  Keep pure and unearthly their hearts sealed with the sublime marks of Your glorious priesthood.  Let Your holy love surround our priests, deacons and seminarians, especially _____ and _____.   Shield them from world's contagion.  O Mary, Queen of the clergy, obtain for us more holy priests.  Amen.

 Dcn Bill Reid 6-01  Jason Diebolt
 Fr. Chris Roberts 6-02  Brian Farrell
 Fr. Ted Rothrock 6-03  Matthew Jakupco
 Fr. Tony Rowland 6-04  Thomas Kappes
 Dcn Jim Rush 6-05  Andrew Morand
 Fr. Cassian Sama OP 6-06  Tim Perry, p
 Fr. Martin Sandhage 6-07  Joe Poremski, p
 Fr. Ron Schiml 6-08  Steve Seitz, p

 Dcn Mark Schipper

6-09  James Shaw
 Msgr. Robert Sell 6-10  Chuck Springer, p
 Fr. Chris Shocklee 6-11  Dcn Will Summerlin
 Fr. Daniel Shine 6-12

 Liam Thompson

 Fr. Travis Stevens

6-13  Andrew Thornton
 Dcn Truman Stevens 6-14  Jeffery Todd, Jr
 Fr. Stanislaw Tabor 6-15  Elliot Zak
 Fr. C. Thompson 6-16  Stan Zak, p
 Fr. Eric Underwood 6-17  Dcn Sean Aaron
 Fr. Peter Vanderkolk 6-18  Will Beardmore
 Dcn Joe VanSchepen 6-19  Michael Block
 Fr. Mark Walter 6-20  Chris Bock, p
 Fr. R. Weisenberger 6-21  Ed Boes, p
 Fr. Joseph Westfall 6-22  Jordan Boone
 Fr. Paul Wicklum 6-23  Jason Diebolt
 Fr. Robert Williams 6-24  Brian Farrell
 Fr. Dominic Young 6-25  Matthew Jakupco
 Fr. Ambrose Zeigler 6-26  Thomas Kappes
 Deceased priests 6-27  Andrew Morand
 Pope Francis I 6-28  Tim Perry, p
 Bishop Timothy Doherty 6-29  Joe Poremski, p
 Bishop Emeritus Higi 6-30  Steve Seitz, p


p= studying for permanent diaconate