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how to maneuver through 


How do I use the website: 



Like any website; you have to look around to learn how to use it.  

When you get to the first page in the box that is listed: “name”.  you type in:  st.annparish  (all one word, all lower case, don't forget the dot.)  Under “password” you type in:  library  (all lower case)

Once you do that you are on the front page.  In the "search your books" box, you can type in the name of a book, or author, and it will give you a list of books.  

If you click on "your books" at the top, it will give you a list of all materials in the library.  

If you click on "tag" at the top of this page, it will give you a list of categories of books, and in parenthesis, how many books in the library under that category.  If you then click category of books, will give you a list of those book.  

If at any time you would like to see the front cover view of the book, instead of the title, you can click on the tab that says “cover”, and the title will change to the front cover of the book.

The tabs along the top of the home page can all be explored, but hitting the “home” tab always brings the page with a picture of the church, and the search box. 

There is also a list of newly added material under the search box..

If you click on “reviews” above the search box, it will give you other people’s reviews on books that are in the library, and you can also write a review there.

You can even look at the books on Amazon that we would like for the library, and you can purchase that book for us.

I hope this help you to maneuver through this website.  Enjoy.

If you have any questions please feel free to email your questions to e-mail: